Jewellery Care

Proper care and maintenance is vital in preserving the beauty and luster of your precious stones. Remember, fine jewellery isn’t just beautiful, it’s an investment. Jewellery maintenance and care doesn’t take much time, but the time spent definitely pays off in the long run. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts when caring for your jewellery.


  • Wash your pearls in mild soapy water after use to remove perfume, hair spray and other cosmetics.
  • When storing pearls, wrap them in tissue paper and return them to the box they were purchased in.
  • Ask your jeweller to restring your pearls once a year. The constant contact with chemicals can stretch and weaken the strand.
  • Have your jeweller clean and polish your jewellery once a year to diminish wear and tear. Your jeweller may encourage you do this more frequently depending on the piece.
  • When cleaning your diamonds, use a mild liquid detergent and a soft brush or a cleaner specifically designed for jewellery, available at most jewellery stores.


  • Avoid cleaning cultured pearls with chemicals or abrasives.
  • Never allow pearls to come in contact with chemicals such as hair spray or perfume.
  • Chlorine should never come in contact with sterling silver pieces.
  • Never rub silver with anything other than a piece of felt or polishing cloth.
  • Take your gold jewellery off while showering or cleaning, as it can develop a soapy film.
  • Salt water and harsh chemicals will dull and erode your gemstones.
  • Removed diamond jewellery before handling chlorine bleach.
  • Diamonds can easily chip. Avoid wearing your precious stone when doing rough work.
  • Be conscientious about where you leave your diamond jewellery. To avoid misplacing, return them to the lined box they came in.

Watch Care


  • Have the battery in a quartz watch changed immediately after it runs out as dead batteries left in the watch can leak and ruin it.